4 fillets of beef cut 1 inch thick
1Tbs butter
¼ cup Kinloch Pecan Oil
½ tsb rosemary
½ tsb salt
1/8 tsb pepper
1 ½ Tbs Lea & Perrins
1tsb on Dijon mustard
2Tbs brandy

Trim fillets. Melt butter and Kinloch Pecan oil in a heavy skillet. Add rosemary. When butter is slightly brown add the fillets and cook over high heat for 2 – 3 minutes on each side or to desired doneness. Season each side with salt and pepper. Mix Lea & Perrins, mustard and brandy. Pour into the skillet and cook fillets one minute more in sauce, turning once. Remove meat and place on hot serving platter. Cook sauce over high heat, stirring constantly, for 1 minute. Pour sauce over meat and serve immediately.

Courtesy of Bobbie Dailey.


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